Everyone gets swept up in the spirit of the Olympic movement whenever the Games come around. With Karate we’re hoping that the games in Japan will be no different.


Tokyo will host the Game in 2020 and Karate will be something new for everyone to enjoy.

Many people often find themselves being absorbed by the skills of the competitors and are and inspired to partipicate in the activities, some are easier than others such as running but not everyone has access to a set of parallel bars or diving pool.

Karate is different and, like running, is easy to get into. You only need someone to inspire you.

An open space to practice is another useful thing but there’s many of those and there’s no age-limit on when you can start. You may have been part of a Karate club before or have been away for many years. You may have seen it on TV or film. Karate has been part of Western culture for a lot longer than many people are aware.

You might be a beginner or a black belt or somewhere in between. Whatever your background there’s a club that will be glad to see a new face.

Why not come along to one of our sessions in Abingdon to find out more and begin your journey and when the Olympic Games in 2020 does start you’ll be able to recognise the difference between gyaku-zuki and oi-zuki.

Many thanks for stopping by and having a read, please contact us if you’d like to know more.

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