Sensei Vebo in Sweden

The weekend of 8–10 September saw the 10th year of Sensei Vebo in Vaxjo southern Sweden. We have been going there for many years and are good friends of the hosts Mona and Mike. Flying to Copenhagen and a two hour train journey on Thursday we arrived in Vaxjo to go training at the Kase Ha club’s new dojo. They have done a great job putting in a new floor. Mona took the training, first for the beginners and lower grades and then for the seniors. We trained in both sessions, Reinaldo, Rui and Claudio from Portugal joined in the second session.

In the new dojo

The course was Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, split between lower grades and senior grades. As most of the seniors have trained with Sensei before, he was able to start at a high level and as always the teaching was first class. Excellent attendance with over 40 black belts and many were regular students of Sensei. Students were from different parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Serbia, Portugal and England. Sensei had twelve of his experienced Serbian students attend.

The course dinner was at the traditional Swedish restaurant next to Mona and Mike’s house, we had the usual drinks in the garden before the meal. Unfortunately we didn’t get the usual weather, so Mike had to erect the tent.

If you are interested in knowing more about Sensei Vebo’s training system in the style of Kase Ha Karate Do then please make contact with the Oxford club.

Course attendees

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