Sensei Dimitrijevic’s latest DVD – “The Invisible Power”



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We are selling Sensei Vebo’s latest DVD, this is a double DVD, Disk 1 “The Way of the Samurai” produced by Serbian TV (English subtitles. Disk 2 “The Invisible Power” which shows the training methods of this inspirational Sensei.

Since the age of 17 he was a close follower of Kase Sensei and later became one of his closest assistants. A renowned European Champion, Vebo sensei took part in 3 World and 11 European championships winning 15 medals. In former Yugoslavia he was booth Kata and Kumite champion winning 22 medals, as well as numerous medals in his native Serbia. Striving for the essence of the martial art philosophy, he managed to decode the Budo approach toward practice, developing a teaching method that promotes authentic ideas and concept of Kase Ha style, which is the development of breathing power, rooting and ground power, as well as visualization and mind control. Now (2014) for the first time in 45 years, he offers an insight into his training system incorporating technical and physical aspects of practice with abdominal breathing and mind control, thus leading to a better understanding and application of the Ki energy phenomenon.

All the money goes back to Sensei Vebo to help pay for the costs of producing this product.