Training in Guimaraes 2018

Three from Oxford Kase Ha (Norman, Dave and Daniel) went on our annual trip to the lovely old city of Gumaraes 2018. This is where Portugal was founded, the home of the first King of Portugal. It has a lovely 14th century centre and this is where we had our course meal on the Saturday night, see pic.

We have been attending this seminar since it started and we are looked after very well by our host Manuel Brasil. Manuel ensures we are taken to the dojo each day, fed and watered in our leisure time (including beer and wine).

Sensei Velibor is a like a good wine, he improves with age. Every year he gets stronger, he is the living proof that true budo karate works. His power and energy are amazing, you really need to see it to believe it. The training worked on drills of kion, kumite and kata focussing on the real fundamentals of Kase Ha Karate Do: the use of the contact with the ground; concentrating on the back heel; the stability of the stance; and the ibuiki breathing. This level of training is very intense, even though Sensei ensures that he does not wreck us. He is very conscious that we recover after intense work with recovery breathing exercise.

Our next course is in September at our good friends Mike and Mona’s club then we host Sensei in Oxford on 12–14 October.

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