Sensei Heene Oxford 2014

Sensei Heene proved once again why he is regarded so highly as a top international instructor. A truly excellent course which I am sure was appreciated by the group of experienced karateka that attended.

Sensei Heene structured the course from basic blocks taken from the Kase Ha system through to more complicated kumite sequences. This included hente (same hand) blocking and countering and moving with yori ashi and sugi ashi. Using closed fist and open hand techniques.

Kata for the weekend was Kanku Sho which Sensei went through systematically, breaking it down in sections with the relevant applications for pair work.

Sensei showed what an amazing teacher he is and what wonderful knowledge he has of karate, especially his understanding of Kase Ha karate that he learnt over many years from his teacher, Master Taiji Kase.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESCourse attendees at the ESA course organised by the English Shotokan Academy held in Oxford. 

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOxford club members with Sensei Dirk Heene

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